May 27, 2015

Posted in Parol, Why buy a Christmas Parol?

PangBahay (meaning "for the home" in Filipino) was created by a Filipino/American family in the United States. We felt it was important to share the Filipino culture with our children. Although we lived in an area with a large Filipino population, we found that it was difficult to find symbols of Filipino Christmas, such as the parol. We realized there are many Filipino families just like ours, living in other parts of the United States (and the world!), who would also like to foster the Filipino culture on to their families.

PangBahay came about as an online source of traditional and contemporary Filipino products. We feel that being an online retailer allows us to reach Filipinos all over the United States and Canada. In the future, we hope to reach Filipinos around the world.

We want to make a positive difference: In the United States and Canada we help families continue to nurture and foster the Filipino culture for the next generation.

Why a buy a Christmas Parol?

Parols are a quintessential Filipino Christmas decor commonly found decorating the streets and homes in the Philippines beginning on September 1. It’s a sure sign that Christmas season is upon us and everyone gets festive. Parols are unique to the Philippines and have a great story, one that can be passed on to our children.